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Name: Jack Sloper
Nicknames: None
Birthday: August 15th (Leo all the way)
Bloodline: Half n' Half (dad's a muggle, mom's a witch)
Wand: 10 in. Ash
Wand Hand: Right
Animals: None


Home: Two apartments, one located in London, the other in Bristol
Home life: Jack's father is a leading advertising executive in a large muggle firm and his mother is his assistant. Constantly running in and out of the house on business, Jack doesn't exactly get much "family time". He tries not to be bitter about the situation, and enjoys the comforts of a somewhat upscale muggle life, though he does relish the little free time he gets with his parents. He's always definitely been his "father's son", but between the two parents Jack's somewhat closer to his mother.
Mother's Personality/Facts: Cynthia Sloper is the quintessential woman in red. The terms beauty and grace do little to describe even the way she descends the stairs, and her wit is so rapier sharp she actually uses her rhetoric to slice bread. Coming from a long line of half-bloods, it wasn't exactly a shock when she went out to seek her fortune amongst the muggles. She met Starke Sloper in a coffee shop after he paid off the staff to take her waiter's place and serve her drink. As is the case with most Sloper males, she was the one who did most of the charming, but fell in love with the overall cornyness of Starke's antics. Since then she serves as Starke's personal assistant, though it would be just as easy to refer to them as partners.
Father: Starke Sloper
Father's Personality/Facts: Starke Sloper is your typical fast talking, slogan swinging, advertising executive. Ever the businessman, his skills are fairly well known in the advertising world (particularly because he was the genius who came up with the phrase "Mind the Gap", a fact that he makes sure EVERYONE is aware of). Somewhat headstrong and with an eye for investments, there's never a time when Starke isn't talking to someone over a headset or negotiating a deal. Along with his wife, Starke thinks of Jack as the apple of his eye and truly loves his son. If he wasn't so damn good at his job he'd really regret not being around so much.
Siblings: None


School: Hogwarts
House: Gryffindor
Year: Recent Graduate


First Impression: Jack is immensely friendly when he first meets people if he meets them on neutral ground.
Behaviour/Personality: Jack is a cheerful, and at some times incredibly corny individual. Always striving to be as chivalrous as possible, he will attempt to charm every woman in a given room if left to his own devices. He loves competition, particularly in the fields of dueling and Quidditch and will constantly strive to better himself.
Usually Found: Currently either training to become an Auror or taking a quiet flight through some of the more secret areas of England.
Philosophy of Life: Life is far too short to waste time being miserable.
Alignment: I dunno...chaotic good? Jack fights for what he believes to be right, it just so happens that more often than not coincides with common decency.

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 155
Eyes: brown
Hair: blonde
Face & Complexion: Slightly tan from playing Quidditch and constant practicing.
Build: Somewhat muscular, hey he was a prime beater after all...
Defining Marks: A small triangular birthmark on his left ankle that Jack swears is a fang from the Gryffindor lion.
Dress Style: Casual, never puts more work into his outfit than he has to, but he does realize that clothes can make the man.
Possessions Always on This Person: His wand and a small gold pocketwatch his father gave him.

Eyesight: 20/20 vision
Hearing: Average
Left/Right/Ambi: Right handed, though if pressed he can cast with his left hand slightly more clumsily than normal.
Disabilities/Handicaps: Currently none.
Physical Health: Jack tries to keep himself in peak physical condition as often as he can, especially now that he's training to become an Auror.

IQ: 110
Extrovert/Introvert: Extrovert
Phobias/Fears: Well right now, as much as he wants to become an Auror, he's terrified of killing another innocent in the crossfire.
Mental Health: Currently stable.


Romance Status: Currently single, but is trying oh so desperately to change that.
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual
Crush: Currently up in the air
Turn Ons: Playing hard to get, intelligence, being able to mentally spar back and forth, a great sense of humor, and a general sweet disposition.
Turn Offs: Idiots, humorless girls, and people who just can't keep up with him.
Past Relationships: Oh where to begin? To put it simply he's had quite a few, though one of his favorite exes was Sally Ann Perks.

Animal: If anyone asks he'll say lion, but he's really always had a soft spot for the hippogryff.
Book: The Bridges of Madison County...but he will deny it up and down!
Color: Blue
Drink: Chocolate Milk
Food: Anything sugary, he's got a massive sweet tooth.
Music: He loves old swing music.
Scent: A girl's hair after rainfall.
Thing to Do: Win.

Least Favourite
Animal: Snakes, he hates snakes. Nothing to do with Slytherin, just a happy coincidence.
Book: Anything historical.
Color: Pink.
Drink: Grapefruit juice.
Food: Onions.
Music: Anything extremely sappy.
Scent: Low tide.
Thing to Do: Study history.

Smoking: Nope.
Alcohol: Only on special occassions.
Sex: Must we go into this again? Check the notches in his alcove on the third floor and you'll find your answer.
Fighting: He loves the occassional brawl, whether it be a good natured spar or an all-out battle.
Quirks/habits: He likes to fly upside down on his broom when trying to think.

Disclaimer: I am not, to the best of my recollection, Jack Sloper.
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